Modified Hepatic Activity Index
Liver Transplantation

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Autoimmune Hepatitis: Scoring System (Johnson et al., 1993) 
Feature -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Sex       Male   Female  
Other autoimmune disease (patient or first-degree relative)       Absent Present    
Blood transfusion or drugs   Yes     No    
Alcohol (male)   80 gm/day 50-80 gm/day 35-50 gm/day   <35 gm/day  
Alcohol (female)   60 gm/day 40-60 gm/day 25-40 gm/day   <25 gm/day  
IgM anti HAV Present     Absent      
HBsAg or IgM anti HBc Present     Absent      
HCV RNA Present     Absent      
Anti-HCV and/or RIBA   Present   Absent      
Other viral markers Present     Absent      
No viral markers              No viral markers
HLA B8 DR3 or DR4       Absent Present    
IgG, gamma glob, or globulin       <1x normal 1-1.5x normal 1.5-2x normal 2x+ normal
Alk phos:ALT   3          
ANA, SMA, or LKM1 (adults)       <1:40 1:40 1:80 1:80
ANA or LKM1 (children)       <1:10   1:10-20 1:20
SMA (children)       <1:20   1:20 1:20
Other markers           Present  
AMA   Present   Absent      
Histology Incompatible bile duct changes   Mild bile duct changes   Frequent plasma cells, rosettes (1 each) Bridging necrosis Piecemeal necrosis, lobular hepatitis, and bridging necrosis
Response to therapy   No response   Partial response or failure   Complete response Relapse
Interpretation of scores: An aggregate score greater than 15 prior to therapy constitutes a definite diagnosis of AIH. A score of 10-15 is interpreted as probable AIH. A score greater than 17 following therapy is considered positive, and a score of 12-17 after therapy is considered probable, for the diagnosis of AIH.
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