Staging and Grading Disease Activity in Chronic Hepatitis
Chronic Hepatitis

Staging of Chronic Hepatitis

Staging Terminology
Semiquantative Descriptive Criteria
0 No fibrosis Normal connective tissue
1 Portal fibrosis Fibrous portal expansion
2 Periportal fibrosis Periportal or rare portal-portal septa
3 Septal fibrosis Fibrous septa with artchitectural distrotion; no obvious cirrhosis
4 Cirrhosis Cirrhosis

Grading of Disease Activity in Chronic Hepatitis

Gradinging Terminology Criteria
Semiquantative Descriptive Lymphocytic piecemeal necrosis Lobular inflammation and necrosis
0 Portal inflammation only; no activity None None
1 Minimal Minimal, patchy Minimal, occasional spotty necrosis
2 Mild Mild; involving some or all portal tracts Mild; little hepatocellular change
3 Moderate Moderate; involving all portal tracts Moderate; with noticable hepatocellular change
4 Severe Severe; may have bridging fibrosis Severe; with prominent diffuse hepatocellular damage


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