Posttransplant Neoplasia

PTLD Classification of 1981 (Frizzera et al.)
Category Follicular Center Cells Plasmacytic Cells Large Lymphoid Cells Atypical Immunoblasts Invasion Necrosis
Nonspecific Reactive hyperplasia ++ (Germinal Centers) ++ +/++ No No No
Polymorphic Diffuse B Cell Hyperplasia ++ (Diffuse) ++ ++/+++ No + No
Polymorphic Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma ++ (Diffuse) + ++/+++ +/+++ + +++
Immunoblastic Sarcoma of B Cells No + +++ +/+++ + +

  • Frizzera G, Hanto DW, Gajl-Peczalska KJ, Rosai J, McKenna RW, Sibley RK, Holahan KP, Lindquist LL: Polymorphic Diffuse B-Cell Hyperplasias and Lymphomas in Renal Transplant Recipients. Cancer Res 41:4262-4279, 1981.

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