Classification of Chronic Viral Hepatitis
Chronic Viral Hepatitis

Scoring Necroinflammatory Activity in Chronic Hepatitis
Grade Portal/periportal activity Lobular activity
0 None or minimal None
1 Portal inflammation (CPH) Inflammation but no necrosis
2 Mild piecemeal necrosis (mild CAH) Focal necrosis or acidophilic bodies
3 Moderate piecemeal necrosis (moderate CAH) Severe focal cell damage
4 Severe piecemeal necrosis (severe CAH) Damage includes bridging necrosis
Note: a score of 0 for portal activity and 2, 3 or 4 for lobular hepatitis (CLH);
CPH - chronic persistent hepatitis; CAH - chronic active hepatitis; CLH - chronic lobular hepatitis

Scoring Fibrosis and Cirrhosis
Grade Fibrosis
0 None
1 Enlarged, fibrotic portal tracts
2 Periportal or portal-portal septa but intact architecture
3 Fibrosis with architectural distortion but no obvious cirrhosis
4 Probable or definite cirrhosis
Note: alternatively, cirrhosis can be separately scored from fibrosis, into the following categories: probably absent; developing; suspected; present; cannot be assessed


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