Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pseudoadenomatous HCC occurs in a normal (non-cirrhotic) liver. It is an expanding, homogenous mass that resembles an adenoma. As it enlarges, hemorrhage alters the central area. Smooth, soft texture is indicative of a solid growth pattern with little or no trabecular pattern


These three photos are from a patient with an expanding mass. The tumor is is separated from the surrounding liver by a fibrous capsule. As it expands, it compresses and displaces the surrounding normal liver parenchyma. The third photograph shows a few satellite nodules emerging from the primary mass.

The sclerosing form of HCC occurs in an otherwise normal liver. Note the central scar and radiating septa that divide the tumor into lobules. From these characteristics, it can be further classified as Fibrolamellar HCC (FLC). FLC resembles Focal Nodular Hyperplasia because of the irregular sclerosis and bulging nodularity.

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