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Moderated by: Rene J. Duquesnoy, PhD

Educational Program in Immunobiology of Transplantation

Introductory Text in Transplantation Immunobiology

Comprehensive Text in Transplantation Immunobiology

Advances in Transplantation Immunobiology

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General  Program Description
This program offers education and information about the immunobiology of transplantation at different levels of scientific and medical expertise. The introductory text is intended for individuals with a limited experience in transplant immunology. This group would include paraprofessionals in the transplantation field such as transplant coordinators, laboratory technologists and nursing staff as well as patients, donors and their family members. These educational services will be offered in a more easily understandable language. Topics will address questions about the different types of rejection and how you diagnose rejection and what types of immunosuppressive drugs are used and what are their side effects, what is matching and how does this affect transplant outcome, how does transplant tolerance work and what is the role of microchimerism, etc.

A comprehensive text is offered to people who understand the basic principles of immunobiology and genetics. These would include as physicians and surgeons interested in transplant immunobiology as well as medical students, graduate and upper-level undergraduate students. Instruction at this level will be the same as in the graduate course offered through the Division of Transplantation Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

At the advanced level, the educational topics will be covered with considerable detail. This service will be to medical professionals who practice in the field of transplantation, including transplant surgeons and physicians as well as transplantation immunologists and histocompatibility experts. Reviews will be offered on recent developments in transplant immunobiology and there will also be hot debates about controversial issues. A special feature will be the incorporation of case materials covered by Transplant Pathology Internet of Services.

The educational materials contain highlighted key words which are linked to other sites on the Internet. Through these links the reader can obtain additional information about various topics. Of special interest is the connection to MEDLINE whereby the reader can choose key works and scientist names to search the recent medical literature about special topics of interest.

A special feature of this program is the "Ask The Professor" column. You will have the opportunity to direct your questions about specific topics related to the immunobiology of transplantation.

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