Chapter 1: General Principles

Chapter 2: Acute Hepatitis

Chapter 3: Chronic Hepatitis

Chapter 4: Cholestasis and Biliary Obstruction

Chapter 5: Disorders of the Intrahepatic Bile Ducts

Chapter 6: Cholestasis in Infants and Children

Chapter 7: Fatty change and Steatohepatitis

Chapter 8: Other Inflammatory Patterns and Infectous Disorders

Chapter 9: Storage and Metabolic Disorders

Chapter 10: Fibrosis and Cirrhosis

Chapter 11: Vascular Disorders

Chapter 12: Drug-Induced Hepatic Injury

Chapter 13: Transplantation

Chapter 14: Cysts and Fibropolycystic Diseases

Chapter 15: Neoplasms and Other Masses